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edgar at edgarschwarz.de edgar at edgarschwarz.de
Sun Oct 19 22:57:28 CEST 2003

easlab at absamail.co.za wrote:
> > cg>   1. as I have repeatedly reported: after an abort eg. power down
> >    to modem during ppp connected, the ser-control to modem
> >    fails on further dial attempts.
> > 
> > Peter E.  wrote:
> > I've probably observed that more than once.
> > Certainly Oberon PPP needs work.
Sure. Protocols change over time. New stuff is added in new RFCs.
This can create problems if you try to connect to a bleeding edge server.

> I usually have 10 days of frames pending attention, so it's very
> inconvenient to re-boot.
Because I never left my machine running for such a long time (Saving energy :-)
this was never a problem to me just turn off/on the modem and reboot when
this happened occasionally.

> > That might be fixed.  Have a look at Edgar's 
> > latest release.  
> > 
> Well, I'm afraid to change over (or even try - loose time) to
> a latest release; I need a reliable system for use every day.
I can't say from the top of my head. You see, there is more than one PPP for
Oberon now. The version for NO and also the version for AOS (Never included in
an official release yet because nobody ever really asked for it).
The next thing is that I have DSL now. So I don't need my AOS PPP any more.
At least as long as DSL is working.

> Well, I'm afraid to change over (or even try - loose time) to
> a latest release; I need a reliable system for use every day.
If you don't change over to a newer system once in a while you are losing the
common ground with other users. Perhaps you really should try to get a
Pentium class processor and switch to Bluebottle. The drawback being that
you would have to use the AOS PPP which until now was only used by me.

If you have modest (Should be also true vor South Africa) resources
at least the problem of not having a reliable system should not exist.
On one of my machines I have 512 MB of NO for historical reasons and two times
512 MB for Bluebottles. One of them is my working system and when I upgrade
I normally make a clean install on the reserve system and then transfer my
projects, data and goodies part by part to the new partion and test it.
Finally I make the switch.
So naturally this takes time but you can't avoid that. But at any time you
have a reliable system.

> > s>  use of it as a practical tool is, at best, 
> > a pipedream.
> Not true ! I've been using it for years as my main OS
> (95% of the time) for text based stuff: inet-fetch, sort and
> store, search and especially for extracting meaning from text
> via the quick colour-fonts change.
I use it for mailing. Naturally I can't read Word and PDF attachments.
But I just copy them to a Windows partition and read them afterwards.
And a big advantage at least in my opinion is that I don't have to care about
a virus.

> Yes, all the more reason why the machine should not need to
> reboot for 'failing'  Backup.* operations, to move files to other
> OSs.
IIRC Backup isn't any more top stuff on the newest NO. I think it has been
replaced for a long time by OFSTools. Or is it still necessary for
Diskette access ?

Regards, Edgar

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