[Oberon] Re^n: n-o: timer-reset chit-chat

shark shark at gulfnet.sd64.bc.ca
Mon Oct 20 05:54:06 CEST 2003

Chris & Edgar,

es> Sure. Protocols change over time. New stuff is added in new RFCs.
This can create problems if you try to connect to a bleeding edge server.

Acknowledged.  Sorry Edgar.  I did not intend to be critical.

cg> I wish you'd mentioned that before.

There are many small glitches.  I complain about some but 
just learn to live with others.  

If file x is open on the Mac and FTP.PutFiles x ~ is executed, 
it fails.  Presumeably, NetPresenz on the Mac returns a 
message which Oberon FTP does not recognize.  Ideally 
Oberon FTP would report the problem in the System.Log and 
then wait for the user to try again.  Really the FTP connection 
must be closed and opened again.  There are many such small 
problems which I've learned to work around.

cg> When every one else remains silent on a reported problem, one
must consider seriously that it is one's 'own' unique problem;
perhaps even one's hardware.

A list of bugs or unresolved problems on a Web page?  Anyone 
favour or oppose this idea?

cg> Have you ever tried Ctrl/Break; immediatly after
NetSystem.SetUser pap:<id>:<paswrd>@PPP ~

My NetSystem.SetUser is in the Oberon.Text and always works 
perfectly.  I don't understand the reason for Ctrl+Break in this 

cg> BTW, has the 'newer' version fixed the problem that if you
Backup.Directory a non-perfect diskette, it Traps and you 
can't use Backup.*  without re-booting?   Most annoying !

The latest version, PC Native 05.01.2003, is running here
and it has the same problem.  If I put a Mac formatted diskette
in the drive and do Backup.Directory there is a trap.  The drive
light remains on and the system must be rebooted before the 
drive will operate again.

cg> Well, I'm afraid to change over (or even try - loose time) to
a latest release; I need a reliable system for use every day.

As Edgar said, you want to somehow get an additional 
partition for the new system.  Hopefully your data is 
already in a partition separate from your current system.
If you put the new system in a spare partition there is 
nothing to loose.  Your investment of time to make the 
installation will be paid back multifold in better capabilities
of the newer system.

cg> 'Tips' re. trivial matters, like how to 
swap between sending your correct return-adr for email which 
needs it and sending news-articles where you want to hide it.

How does that work?  The list servers I was subscribed to 
checked the return address of a submission against a subscriber  
list.  A submission was not accepted unless there was a match.

cg> Such problems arise unexpectedly and with urgency, and can't
wait for a well planned Howto.

Anticipating all difficulties of a user seems a tall order.

cg> Well it's all based on the economics of colaborative software.
If there are 10 times more contributors, the value to each, is
greately increased.  

Point taken.  If there were even 1 Oberon user for every 10 Linux
users we would have a good user population.  Yes, Oberon/AOS 
needs more users.

cg> Yes, all the more reason why the machine should not need to
reboot for 'failing'  Backup.* operations, to move files to other

Ethernet is far better than floppynet.

cg> ... why is linux  mdir a: less problematic ?

Don't know.  Once the system is installed I use Ethernet.

Regards,       Peter E.


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