[Oberon] reading man pages; was "n-o: timer-reset chit-chat"

Vasile Rotaru vrotaru at seznam.cz
Mon Oct 20 17:11:31 CEST 2003

Peter you wrote

> You must have Oberon installed in a Linux
> system.  I don't have that.  (Can Oberon be 
> installed in Debian Linux on a Sparc?)

  Yes I do, you'll find it under ETH site as UnixOberon.
The UnixOberon.Tool used to compile the sources for different
architectures looks like this

  Base systems:

    Linux x86     <Tool>
    Linux PPC     <Tool>
    Solaris x86   <Tool>
    Solaris SPARC <Tool>
    MacOSX        <Tool>

You see, Linux for SPARC is not supported. Bad luck. Still, it may be just a matter of picking up the right files and introducing some minor modifications to the bootloader. You better ask the authors. 
> v>   Still there are two minor nuisances. ... dashes 
> from underscores, ... quote Some-File-Name ...
  I guess I will just take the FontEditor and change the Oberon underscores to real ones. As for quoting filenames, this RX "quirk"

  RX.SetSearch (~c{~c}) X0 c
  RX.SetReplace """ X0 """ c
  RX.ReplaceAll *

  Still it is a bit slow, since the display get updated (I guess) on
every deletion and insertion. And I have "yet another" suggestion.
The freshly opened frames/documents should get the star marker set by
default. Then we'll get a chance to "pack more commands" in one mouse
click. (Using Configuration.DoCommands or ET.Do)

> v> Shouldn't the default font for EditTool.OpenUnix/Ascii be Courier?
> Courier text is not so pleasant to read as Oberon.
> Also, Courier makes man pages a little too wide 
> for my screen.  Again, a matter of taste and 
> circumstance.

  Since I have the sources I have just set the default font for EditTools.OpenUnix to be Courier. But maybe I will change that back.

Regards, Vasile

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