[Oberon] cooperative bug-fixing and refining. was: reading man pages

John Drake jmdrake_98 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 23 05:07:30 CEST 2003

Hello Edgar,

That "somebody" working on a port of XML to NO was me.
Actually the port was for PlugIn Oberon.  I was about
about 90% done when two things happened.  1) I
that there was actually a version of the NO compiler
(which had not made it to the PlugIn Oberon
distribution) that had support for delegates and
2) WinAOS was released which meant I could test
WebDAV under Windows without worrying with Plugin
Oberon.  Lately I've been so busy that I haven't
had a chance to look at either WebDAV or XML for
a while.  I need to get on it again, but I could
CERTAINLY use some help!

That said I think an Oberon source distribution
hosted on a WebDAV server at ETH would be a great
idea!  It would be good for tweaking WebDAV also.
And I see no real barrier for hosting Oberon at
SourceForge either.  These days all of the source
is available.  Someone just has to take the
proverbial "bull by the horns".  I personally
prefer WebDAV because it can be accessed directly
from Oberon.  Besides CVS just seems so "old
fashioned". ;-)


John M. Drake
--- edgar at edgarschwarz.de wrote:
> Peter Easthope wrote:
> > cg> And you're welcome to convince me, that Oberon
> provides support for
> > cg> cooperative bug-fixing and refining.
> > I'd wouldn't make such a claim nor argue against
> it. 
> Now I have a question for Chris. On
> http://webdav.ethz.ch/ there is a running
> DeltaV server you can access with Bluebottle.
> Would you count this as support for cooperative
> bug-fixing or not ?
> If not why not ? What's missing ?
> BTW, I think you really should consider giving
> Bluebottle a try.
> Perhaps Pieter will create a final NO release, but
> there is no date AFAIK.
> Also you can't expect many people to still use NO in
> the future.
> Wasn't there somebody a while ago who said he ported
> XML to NL.
> So perhaps bringing the client to NO isn't a big
> problem.
> So why do you hesitate to give Bluebottle a try ? No
> time ? No Pentium processor ?
> Regards, Edgar
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