Re (2): [Oberon] The underscore nuisance, a little hack.

edgar at edgar at
Thu Oct 30 20:49:34 CET 2003

Vasile Rotaru <vrotaru at> wrote:
> John, you wrote:
> > ...   There is an easier way to change the
> > default font that doesn't require recompiling 
> > anything.  In Native Oberon system variables are
> > kept in the file "Oberon.Text".  Just change the
> > line:
> > "DefaultFont"=	Syntax10.Scn.Fnt
> > to
> > "DefaultFont"=    Oberon10u.Scn.Fnt
>   I guess, for this to work smoothly there must be also modified bold
> and italic versions of default Oberon font. And with correct names.
> This can be done.
I'm just wondering why I couldn't just copy the new underscore fonts over
the original fonts.
Wouldn't do any harm I think at the moment.
BTW, what about printer fonts ? So what would be needed is a program to
insert a correct underscore in all fonts.
Any opinions from ETH whether they could agree to change to a "normal"
underscore too ?

Regards, Edgar
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