[Oberon] cooperative bug-fixing and refining & underscore

John Drake jmdrake_98 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 31 05:37:51 CET 2003

--- easlab at absamail.co.za wrote:
> John, you wrote:
> > > ...   There is an easier way to change the
> > > default font that doesn't require recompiling 
> > > anything.  In Native Oberon system variables are
> > > kept in the file "Oberon.Text".  Just change the
> > > line:
> > > 
> > > "DefaultFont"=	Syntax10.Scn.Fnt
> > > 
> > > to
> > > 
> > > "DefaultFont"=    Oberon10u.Scn.Fnt
> > > 
> I'm guessing that you have the 'Win' version ?
> It's slightly different on non-Win versions.

I have both a "Win" and "non-Win" version.  The "win"
version uses Ini.Panel to do this.  The "non-Win"
version I have works as I described.  How does it
work in your version?

> This BAD-HYPHEN is THE repeated example of poor
> coordination in the 
> n-o community: 
> * 5 - 10 years ago when I started, I raised the
> issue,
> * every year somebody raises the issue,
> * next year somone will again raise the issue,
> * it is listed with a patch in some of the
> documentation,
> * Oberon10.Scn.Fnt which is very pleasant is perhaps
> a special 'classic',
>       and when you make your own underscore, you
> don't know eg. the 
>       correct length. A perfect classic is not
> perfect if one pixel is wrong.
> I've spent quiet some time extending
> Oberon10.Scn.Fnt to use the
> ORD(Char) > 127 for the french, german and swedish
> chars.
> Sometimes when I read News etc off the inet, I still
> find some chars
> which need to be done, eg. the 'copyright' sign and
> the "i" with 2 dots.
> If we had a proper collaborative repository, I/we
> could submit the
> font(s) for further updating.

<snip for brevity>

> Can WebDav and/or CVS acheive this ?
> I'm sceptical of technological solutions.
> Wirthism is based on a few key, universally valid 
> ideas  - not 
> technology.

> == Chris Glur.

Well I disagree with your charecterization of 
"Wirthism".  Oberon itself IS a technology.

But that disagreement aside, if you don't wish to
use WebDAV or CVS, then how do you propose setting
up a "proper collective repository"?  Or for that
matter what is your definition of a "proper
collective repository".  WebDAV and CVS are both
designed to let various people collaborate without
stepping all over each others toes.  Regardless
of what you suggest it will require some type
of technological solution.  Even something as
"mundane" as FTP is a technology.  But FTP doesn't
give you such nice collaborative features as
rollbacks or versioning.


John M. Drake

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