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John Drake jmdrake_98 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 31 06:19:58 CET 2003

--- Bernhard Treutwein <BdT at wildwein.de> wrote:
> Although the SF is currently very empty :-), I think
> this
> is a very good idea. It allow also "non Oberonians"
> to
> take a look at the code ...

Good point.  And if this was a "non Oberonian" they
would the source in a format they could browse 
without having to install Oberon.  That reminds me 
of another project I've been "toying with" in my 
head for several years now.  I call it the 
"Oberon convergence project".  Basically
the idea is to "factor out" code modules that have
little or no dependence on any particular Oberon
system and could be used in various "flavors" of
Oberon.  (V4, Pow, OOC, System 3, ect.)  For example
the regular expression module RX only imports
module "Texts" and only does that to dump a DFA to
the log.  I've imported this module into Oberon V4,
recompiled it and used it without any problems.
> What kind of ASCII markup is it ?

>From all I could tell it's just plain ASCII.  Which
begs the question, why not just use 
"EditTools.StoreAscii"?  I must be missing something.
Anyway I think a proper Oberon CVS client would allow
one to "diff" Oberon "Text" files also.  Of course
that means writing a CVS client.
> Shouldn't we try to map the Oberon text to XML
> (which could preserve also "active" elements) ?
> I'm still not using Aos/BlueBottle, but isn't there
> some
> tool for converting Text to XML? 

Then only thing I know that's even close is the
Text2HTML converter.  I suppose something like
that could be modified to do what you suggest.
It should be easy to convert it to produce
proper XHTML.  Then it would just be a matter
of producing the correct "tags" for active

> My switch to Aos
> is delayed since I've got the wrong dual-processor 
> machine (beware of Adaptec 7895) and the wrong 
> Perrmedia2 graphics board (beware of the Permedia2v
> chipset, used in AccelStar II 3D card and most
> probably
> the Elsa Winner 2000/Office ViVo). 

I got burned with an "incompatible" Permedia card
also.  (I don't even know where it is).  Currently
I'm using and ATI Rage card.  Of course I'm not
getting any of the 3D accelerator benifit.  I
really think some of us need to put our heads
together and do an accelerated ATI and/or NVidia


John M. Drake

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