Fw: [Oberon] Native Oberon on SourceForge

Pieter Muller pieter.muller at alumni.ethz.ch
Sat Nov 1 14:03:38 CET 2003

Bernhard Treutwein wrote:

>Although the SF is currently very empty :-), I think this
>is a very good idea. It allow also "non Oberonians" to
>take a look at the code ...
The CVS repository currently only contains the source of the CvsClient 
module (encoded with itself).

I've now added links to the project page and CVS repository on the home 
page http://nativeoberon.sf.net .

>What kind of ASCII markup is it ?
It is simple format I made specifically for this purpose.  The goal was 
to make very little change to the text, so that it is readable when 
viewed with the CVS web interface.

The grammar for the file format in EBNF is at the end of the 
CvsClient.Mod source code.  See:

>Shouldn't we try to map the Oberon text to XML
>(which could preserve also "active" elements) ?
I wanted something simple and readable, and easy to parse, also on 
Native Oberon without XML.

>I'm still not using Aos/BlueBottle, but isn't there some
>tool for converting Text to XML? My switch to Aos
>is delayed since I've got the wrong dual-processor 
>machine (beware of Adaptec 7895) and the wrong 
>Perrmedia2 graphics board (beware of the Permedia2v
>chipset, used in AccelStar II 3D card and most probably
>the Elsa Winner 2000/Office ViVo). 
Instead of a Permedia card, I would recommend a card with good Vesa 
2.0/3.0 support.  Thomas Frey is more up-to-date with the best hardware 
to get for Bluebottle, perhaps he could suggest something.  BTW He has a 
great little Samsung laptop with very good support for Bluebottle.

>Pieter: It would be nice if you start populating SF with the Markup code.
Ok, so there is some interest :-)  Will try to do it soon.

-- Pieter

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