[Oberon] Re: Native Oberon on SourceForge

easlab at absamail.co.za easlab at absamail.co.za
Fri Oct 31 17:05:06 CET 2003

> --- Bernhard Treutwein  wrote:
> > Although the SF is currently very empty :-), I think
> > this
> > is a very good idea. It allow also "non Oberonians"
> > to take a look at the code ...
> John Drake wrote:
> Good point.  And if this was a "non Oberonian" they
> would the source in a format they could browse 
> without having to install Oberon.  That reminds me 
> of another project I've been "toying with" in my 
> head for several years now.  I call it the 
> "Oberon convergence project".  Basically
> the idea is to "factor out" code modules that have
> little or no dependence on any particular Oberon
> system and could be used in various "flavors" of
> Oberon.  (V4, Pow, OOC, System 3, ect.)  For example
> the regular expression module RX only imports
> module "Texts" and only does that to dump a DFA to
> the log.  I've imported this module into Oberon V4,
> recompiled it and used it without any problems.
I like this idea.   It helps leaverage non-Sys3 contributors.

> > My switch to Aos
> > is delayed since I've got the wrong dual-processor 
> > machine (beware of Adaptec 7895) and the wrong 
> > Perrmedia2 graphics board (beware of the Permedia2v
> > chipset, used in AccelStar II 3D card and most
> > probably
> > the Elsa Winner 2000/Office ViVo). 
> I got burned with an "incompatible" Permedia card
> also.  (I don't even know where it is).  Currently
> I'm using and ATI Rage card.  Of course I'm not
> getting any of the 3D accelerator benifit.  I
> really think some of us need to put our heads
> together and do an accelerated ATI and/or NVidia
> driver.

Yes, that's what will happen when I replace (the real-estate-space
used by) my WORKING 7/24 scrap 486's with Pentium(s) so that I
(as advised) can try blue-bottle ?!

== Chris Glur.

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