[Oberon] Native Oberon on a wireless LAN?

Thomas Frey frey at inf.ethz.ch
Mon Nov 3 13:52:01 CET 2003

> I have Native Oberon running on a dedicated Thinkpad 760 ED. I don't
> use the modem connection to the internet, or any LAN connection,
> because on a Dell laptop I run MSW XP Pro and connect to my isp
> through a wired ADSL modem.
> At some time in the next few weeks I intend to buy a wireless router /
> print server to connect to the adsl modem, and a wireless adapter card for
> the Dell. If possible I would also like to have a wireless connection from
> the N-O Thinkpad and share the ADSL connection and other peripherals, such
> as my printer.
> Has anybody done anything like this with N-O? I see from the hardware
> compatibility list that it doesn't support PCMCIA, but do you know of
> any other way of connecting these things up? 
There is some PCMCIA support for Bluebottle. But there is no Driver for 
a wireless PCMCIA card.

 > If so I'd appreciate some guidance and perhaps hardware
 > recommendations.
We currently have a project about writing a driver for a wireless USB 
adapter (for Bb). If it succeeds, the driver will be in the end of year 
release of Bluebottle. The planned USB Wireless support is for the ATMEL 

The way we currently get wireless access, if really need, is by 
connecting a base station to a supported NIC. Brute force but it worked ;-)


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