[Oberon] Re: Native Oberon on SourceForge

easlab at absamail.co.za easlab at absamail.co.za
Tue Nov 4 08:20:33 CET 2003

> > Is sourceforge going to offer anything that ethz can't/won't ?
> > Is this further fragmentation ?
> > 
> Vasile Rotaru wrote:
> The short answer is yes. A longer answer will include more points.
>   a) For the moment NO is an unsupported (orphaned) project. (I guess
> the people at ETHZ just cannot afford supporting two systems).
I don't expect support/labour; just a 'parking place' under the ETHZ flag.
>   b) You have mentioned Chris, that you have modified versions of Oberon
> fonts. For the moment, you cannot put them somewhere where there 
> Oberon "home" is.
see below

>   c) Every SourceForge project gets a bug-tracking system for free.
Well that would justify using SF.

>   d) Non-oberoners, can have a look at the .Mod and .Text files, and
> "get hooked".
>   e) (A problematic point) A possibility to re-think (and maybe change)
> some of the assumptions on which NO is built.

========== I've added extra chars to Oberon10.Scn.Fnt  to get:
       OB2ULINE.Scn.Fnt  10.02.2003 20:28:01    2777
With some text-string using it in your MainTool , you can just 'wipe and
dab' any text which has unrendered chars.
Try it on these: ----
März Äthiopien Über gewöhnliche außer = CyKey £84-60
Dokumentet på adressen ni sökte hittades inte på denna ..operaföreställning
This still needs attention:===
et de Maïs   ... plutòt dans l'héroïne récurrente.
And I sometimes see the 'copywrite' sign un-rendered.
Are there 'special' Czech chars ?   Use Hex.Open to see the value of the
unrendered chars that you eg. get off the inet.

I started to fill in Cyrillic chars (they are all > 127) in Oberon10.Scn.Fnt
But at one stage, before I had completed, the results were distorted;
as if some structure is 'overflowing'.   It needs to be investigated.
I used: AsciiCoder.CodeFiles % ^ 
with OB2ULINE.Scn.Fnt selected
and got this:----------

Subject: OB2ULINE.Scn.Fnt

AsciiCoder.DecodeFiles % OB2ULINE.Scn.Fnt ~

IGa]M:K0I`noO5d2<0=`3<1E@<<3e`o4 at _d=UCoD at MD9eMUG9FSeJ_F^]Kof`EL7GbeL?geeMOGj
]N]gk=Oegm]OA`040=`4 at 020@64010T1L0I`04150;`4410`040=@341300`200L080 at 2D0<0A`2
<0;`1L0?`00A at 340ooo;@54140=@4d01 at 02`2`1<0;`0L09`0dooO0G at 240moo70=`0<0;`2d030
\07`0dO3 at 2d03`1\03`1<01`0D0=`0409 at 4d01P0\0d0307 at 4d0`20 at 201P0d0A03001P0\002`2
080;0P0\0L0303 at 3L03@oA4d080=@3d03 at 1\07 at 3402@3`2<01 at 2@5<0mG4D1?@080?@4l03 at 0\0
`040 at 4<01 at 341<0T0\030`3402 at 341?`0`24170<0A01P0D0A at 3<0\0\03090C0180C at 4413@0d0
A`4<0l0A at 3<0\0A`4 at om0E`3<00=0T0\01 at 02`241?`0`2 at 3402@341E at 080E@4l00\01 at 02`241
=`0 at 2@2<0mg103`ooO24140m701`2l09`0407`0\03`3D05 at 3<0T0=@30<1;010=00C at 3<0 at 3L01
P0L0C at 3`noo2<1=010C`1<01`0417 at 0\ooG0G`209003`4<130?@3d0 at 2d0=00`nU0C at 30@2<01`
1d09`00 at 0409@4d03 at 0T0=`240180;@3<180C at 3d0@20\O;09 at 0409090m7\05 at ooo0L190m7d01
@1d05`340180?`4<130?0?`0`241=`0 at 2410000`4`00L01P0L0C at 30@3000007`0 at 1<1=0T0d00
000417 at 0807@4\03`n10<10`30;`4d01`1d03 at 3@020l03041I07 at 6`3402`3<1?02`3`4<01`3`
3<0\0l030<1=`04090=00041=0 at 5\03`n10<1000L01P0L0C at 30@30410<1000A`O6b at 6b@62oio
813X05819819815X03X29h79X2981o819H03H03h73H03H050A82MH4SH4SH4j at 2B@2TP5dP4lS1
DP4TP8h1?82A82?82Ah1A at 4nc4Z@6R`3R0?H05X3MH4Sh4KH05875X09814ROdQA<RAdQA<R>lP8
4RF<SA<R><P1`0`0404V<LP3TQ`l3oh0I8<Q937X0:@1B at 4R`3bA1ffJGjBGjL;DN6dP:BOBA:R@
>6`06P?<RA8HQ875I at 326a8V`2n`86Q74Q8TP2<P1dQ4T0B0oX3SH46a883IX4UX43I839QBX:=P
3B at 2BPEDQ4lP2<P;\Q9dQ9dQ7<Q9<Q;\Q1<P1H23H03X3GH3CH2CX3A82Ah1CH0OH2MX05X05`3:
@1J`3V`4j at 1N`4V@?V`4V`4^0<0 at 06`0:@1:@1:02 at 1V`2>`1H03H030P9=Y9=YK]]9<Q9<Q;h1C
H2CH2MH03H0?`4L1A82Ah2KH2C0<P7\P3TP6LP1dP6DQ2DP2lQ2DP;\Q9`4B at 2Z@58ABD0ZJ0ZZA
<PAH2CX1=H2CH05X09 at 5Z`8l1B at 4n@2:@1:@16 at 1:@1TP1<P1H00:@1:05X05`0VAC6dP:BOPRTS
R<X115Y3SH4S`8Fa:^`6V02 at 5N`4V`4V at 72@5^`6V0C80Ch2KH2P4lP9<04P:X05P280;X0?H2CP
>H2=h2KH2<Q0X1GP>P4DP7<Q1l1T03`06`04P2<P7<Q9 at 7T0GH3CH2V@0B at 1N0P8lP90Z@1:@1:0
1 at 2JP7<Q1<0M0M0<Q9<Q9L11H1EH3SH4SH2;H2CX1oi75X0?X0:A6no76dP:BO03Z8m95RA6BA<b
AA640H4[`66a86a4P;\1P20X29h2KH2M0^0 at 3Z@6B at 3l0`3V`0P4h10R`3h3X29X0X02P20j05P9

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