[Oberon] WebHTTPServer

Alexander Hofmann alexhofmann at web.de
Tue Nov 4 18:42:07 CET 2003

Hello, all together.

This hasn't realy got anything to do with the current discussion, but 
I've got a weird problem with the WebHTTPServer. When I try to download 
files >20MB via HTTP the server hangs up. This doesen't affect the 
system, I can use the whole Bb, but I can't get the server running again 
without restarting the machine. I get the same symptomes when I've got a 
FTP and HTTP connection open the same time and download something via 
HTTP or FTP. In this case normaly both servers stop working.
About 30 sec. before the server hangs up, NetTracker normaly does the 
same (turnes to an emty white window whitch can't be closed).
I say "normaly", because for some reasons it could work with 100MB at a 
time but the next day the server hangs on every 2MBs.
Both servers work without any problems when there is only a small amount 
of traffic (eg. only HTML and a view Images).

Does anyone have an idea about what could cause theese problems?
I use the latest Stable version of BB (don't know the Date), a 
FAT32-Partition of about 1GB for the Webserver, a 3ComEtherlink III 
509B-Combo (ISA).

Thanks in advance,
  Alexander Hofmann.

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