[Oberon] WebDAV and WinAos: Progress Report

Vasile Rotaru vrotaru at seznam.cz
Sun Nov 9 22:46:23 CET 2003

John, you wrote:

> Well that makes two people who are (possibly) 
> interested in WebDAV for NO.  As I promised I will
> dust off my WebDAV PlugIn Oberon port.  It's been
> awhile so I don't know what shape it was in (other
> than unfinished).  What I remember is that there
> was some code that required the use of delegate
> procedures (I don't remember if this was XML or
> AosFS stuff).  But the latest NO compiler supports
> delegates also.  I will need help.  This is sort of
> a "chicken and egg" problem.  I suspect those most
> interested in collaborating on this don't use
> CVS, and of course if you only use NO you can't
> use WebDAV to colaborate until the client has been
> developed.  But the first step is finding out 
> who's willing to help.  Any volunteers?

  I vaguely remember you complaining about delegate procedures used in AosIO.Writer/Reader-s. If this is the case, and the AosIO functionality is critical for WebDAV I'm willing to help with an OberonIO.Mod. But if you can just use plain files for internalizing/externalizing the XML stuff, I have just copied the XML*.Mod files from last BB release to an NO partition and after a little tweaking (using Files instead of AosFS, and Files.Rider instead of AosIO.Writer/Reader) the following files



are willing (;-) to compile. Whether they work is still to be seen...

  Well I have commented out the ElementEntry and ElementRegistry stuff in the XML.Mod, as being too BB specific.

Regards, Vasile

PS. I have recently install the JBuilder v9 on a Celeron/300Mz, and I'm still kind of running away from it. I guess I will rather support NO even if it is doomed to decay and fall.

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