[Oberon] A pseudo-problem?

Vasile Rotaru vrotaru at seznam.cz
Sun Nov 9 22:46:15 CET 2003

Hi, all

  I don't know whether the following code is correct or not, but both
Compiler.Compile and PC.Compile choke on it. (The first with a trap, the second with a criptical report "PC.Compile not done (10/10)".)

	digits = 10;
	ops = 5;

	Button = ..
	DigitBtn = ..
 	OpBtn = ..

	(* auxiliary type used for grouping related items *)
	Buttons = RECORD
		digits : ARRAY digits (* constant *) OF DigitBtn;
		ops    : ARRAY ops (* constant *) OF OpBtn;

  Of course I may change the name of constants (digits => numOfDigits), but still there must be either a error reported or an .Obx/.Obj file at the end.

Regards, Vasile

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