Re (2): [Oberon] WebDAV and WinAos: Progress Report

Vasile Rotaru vrotaru at
Mon Nov 10 23:07:19 CET 2003

  Hi, Edgar

> First of all I want to make a release of the WebDAV Client for WinAos. Should be
> a problem of a couple of hours. But I didn't have a single hour for Oberon
> programming this weekend so this is still todo.
> Monday to Wednesday evenings I also aready have non Oberon stuff to do.

  Well, this is the story of my life. I should have been copyrighted it ;-).

> This said some comments concerning a NO WebDAV client:
> AosIO is heavily used. So it would be nice if it is available.
> XML also is a necessity.
> So if I get AosIO and XML for NO I would give it a try to port the client
> to NO. I can't say yet whether there will be additional problems but these were
> the first to surface so they must be solved. I hope then most of the work
> is done.
> Regards, Edgar
> -- 

  Getting the AosIO to compile on NO was as simple as copying it to a NO
partition and running Compiler.Compile. But this module by itself is
pretty useless. What you will use in real life are some Readers/Writers
on top of a file, a connection, etc..   Something like, AosFS.OpenWriter
(writer, file, pos). I guess what you need to make the port of WebDAV to
NO as painless as possible is  yet another module IOFactory.Mod with
procedures like this: 	  


etc. What kind of Writers/Readers do you really need? 

  For the moment the situation is as follows, after a

FileSystem.CopyTo USR: AOS:
AosIO.Mod => NativeIO.Mod

and some tweaking all those modules compiles. The first three without
any modifications. (Any others XML files needed?)

 XMLScanner and XMLParser still use Files.Rider-s for the input but I
guess this will do no harm. I also use a Rider also in XML.Mod when it
is obvious that the input is from a file. On the other side the dumping
of XML objects as text is done to IO.Writer-s.

  So, may be the easy part is done... 	

  Regards, Vasile  

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