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Mon Nov 10 23:39:53 CET 2003

Hi Vasile,
thanks for your work !
Vasile Rotaru <vrotaru at> wrote:
>   Getting the AosIO to compile on NO was as simple as copying it to a NO
> partition and running Compiler.Compile. But this module by itself is
> pretty useless. What you will use in real life are some Readers/Writers
> on top of a file, a connection, etc..   Something like, AosFS.OpenWriter
> (writer, file, pos). I guess what you need to make the port of WebDAV to
> NO as painless as possible is  yet another module IOFactory.Mod with
> procedures like this: 	  
>    OpenFileReader(...);
>    OpenFileWriter(..) 
>    OpenConnectionReader(..)
> etc. What kind of Writers/Readers do you really need?
I guess the Writers/Readers I relly need are either in AosFS or my own code
inherited from AosIO.

> XMLObjects.Mod
> XML.Mod
> XMLScanner.Mod
> XMLParser.Mod
> and some tweaking all those modules compiles. The first three without
> any modifications. (Any others XML files needed?)
Should be enough.

> XMLScanner and XMLParser still use Files.Rider-s for the input but I
> guess this will do no harm.
For the client side on NO this should be ok.

> So, may be the easy part is done...
After having a look at what some modules are importing I found one thing which
obviously still needs some work.
Bluobottle has AosIP, AosDNS, AosTCP which is different from the way NO is
doing TCP/IP. But here it would be a decision to be made either to orchestrate
e.g. WebDAVClient.Mod with $IF's or making some wrappers around NetSystem to get
AosIP, AosDNS, AosTCP. Perhaps a look at what Felix has done for WinAosOberon
could give some ideas.

Regards, Edgar

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