[Oberon] CVS ? FontEditor

easlab at absamail.co.za easlab at absamail.co.za
Sat Nov 15 19:46:11 CET 2003

Since I've never used CVS, I don't know what it can acheive;
but here's an idea of what I think "passing-around-while-adding-
value" systems should be able to do.

We've recently had our "annual discussion of the bad underline
character", and I posted my updated Oberon10.Scn.Fnt charset;
mentioning that some (eg. the copyright sign) were still missing.
{software is NEVER complete and should be handled as such}.
I had hoped that someone would 'add-value' and pass it back.

Q1. Can CVS do 'this', or only for source code ?

I've got this text off the net (via email), where the 4th char in the
line below here, is not renderd in n-o:
: 64µs ( -- ) -1 ticks ;

I'm guessing it's microseconds ?
It appears repeatdly in the text, and being unable to read it is 
ANNOYING !  As an exercise a number of trivial (life consists of
trivialities) points arise:
Hex.Open ^ shows the ORD to be B5-hex. 
a  full ISO 8859-1 table  shows a line:
micro sign                     µ     B5   µ --> µ   µ    -->

i) Yea ! it is microseconds
ii) to find this info and paste it to this text took 5 second; and
     many still ask why we use n-o !

But now I want to SEE a sample of this char, without transporting
it to Linux/nescape or M$/xyz - i.e. I want to see it here on n-o,
to add it to my chars set: Oberon10.Scn.Fnt 

Recalling mention of "T/true" <Type fonts> in *.Tool 's, I find
references in Gfx.Tool which looks big and complicated.

Q2. has any body used Gfx.Tool  ?

Q3.  would it show me what 'special chars look like', if I know
         the char-value ?

Q4. Is there any (other) way to see the full ISO 8859-1 char set
        with existing n-o applications ?

== Chris Glur.         
------ ignore the 'notes' below ------

ï= oneïs  = 92


right single quote mark              92   &#146;          &rsquo;
<http://www.cs.indiana.edu/elisp/entities-list.html>     --> '

EB   &#235; -->  ë
ä = 83
ö = 84
ü = 85hex
i" ("ï" pwrite)
äëïöü  <-- all via <altKey>
ÄÖÜ   <-- all via <altKey>

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