[Oberon] aos, n-o, XML, V4-folding ?

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Sun Nov 16 09:56:43 CET 2003

In googling this old post a few questions were raised: ----

Subject: Re: Gadget images & tutorials
Date: 2002-02-13 08:39:32 PST

> > This is in sharp contrast to what happens when I find V4 code
> > that I want to use in System 3 or vice versa.  I first have
> > to open up the correct version of Oberon, save the source to
> > an ASCII file, move it to the other directory, open the other
> > Oberon system, open the file and then compile and use it.
> I agree that this is a hassle but I think this is an exception 
> because at least from the viewpoint of ETH there is only S3 text 
> format and IIRC there is a V4 Texts importer. Therefore it should 
> be possible to do all the work from S3. 

:Again you're missing the fact that there are at least different
:Text subsystems within Oberon System 3.  You are also ignoring
:the fact that from the "ETH" viewpoint there is also HTML and
XML.  You can hate HTML and XML all you want, but I wouldn't
:be surprised if ETH eventually dropped support for S3 text
:altogether.  Remember the user interface for AOS is built on
:XML.  Also the "V4 Texts importer" is not really that good.
:(Read barely useable and only for the simplist of V4 texts.)

Q1.  Is XML essential to AOS ?

Q2.  Is  AOS usable yet ? 
   eg. post and fetch email and news.

Q3. The description of V4's 'folding' facility sounds powerfull
   eg. to make the analysis of existing src-code managable;
    Does this make sense, or are there hidden problems ?

Q4. Apparently I can read V4 code from S3 (I think I've done it);
    but can I use the folding facility while running S3 ?
   I suspect not.

Q5. Perhaps there are other mechanisms in S3 (I'm only familiar with
      a small frcation of the facilities) can make substantial documentation
      and comments available, but selectively hidden as required, in the
      compilable source code ?

== Chris Glur.

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