[Oberon] aos, n-o, XML, V4-folding ? WinAos WebDAV

John Drake jmdrake_98 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 18 17:42:38 CET 2003

--- easlab at absamail.co.za wrote:

> Sounds interesting, except that I can't use most of
> the existing
> n-o applications. I shouldn't have to research
> before usage.

Specifically which n-o applications are you unable
to use?
> > The V4 (and BlackBox) folding mechanism is more 
> > powerful than System 3 outlines.  Outlines simply
> > let you "collapse" text.  Folds actually "toggle"
> > between two texts.  One way I've seen this used
> > is a type of "literate programming" scheme where
> > "folded text" shows long comments and "unfolded
> > text" shows program code.
> I think I'd want to see the code and comments at the
> same time ?
> Linux switching between VTs where you have to keep
> one (or more)
> in your mind is not satisfactory.
> == Chris Glur.

This isn't an "either or" proposition.  Certainly
folds can be used the same way as outlines in S3.
Also using this mechanism doesn't "prohibit" you
from inserting comments in your code.  However
using folds allows for a more "literate programming"

See: http://www.literateprogramming.com/

The basic idea behind literate programming is to
offer different "views" of the code depending
upon the "reader" of the code.  For instance
someone looking some source code for the first
time might need to read through the entire
algorithm that the code is based on.  On the
other hand that might be a distraction for
someone already familair with the code who just
needs do a "tweak" here or there.  Someone
else might just be interested in the
"module interfaces".  (S3 already allows
for this by the "Watson" code browser which
brings back only interfaces along with comments
that start with "(**").

I not sure what you mean be "switching between
VTs" but "folding/unfolding" is so
straightforward that most people don't find
it a distraction at all.  One click lets you
fold/unfold a particular section.  Also from
the V4 menu you can fold/unfold everything
at once.


John M. Drake

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