[Oberon] WebDAV on n-o: feed back

easlab at absamail.co.za easlab at absamail.co.za
Wed Nov 26 19:52:03 CET 2003

> But finally again the question: Did you get the stuff in System.Log I showed 
> above ?

++ I Guess so:
System.Directory XmlIn*.Log\d ==
XmlIn0.Log  26.11.2003 17:43:51     440
XmlIn1.Log  26.11.2003 17:44:15     446
XmlIn2.Log  26.11.2003 17:47:32     446
XmlIn3.Log  26.11.2003 19:10:22     808
WebDAV:XmlIn0.Log  25.11.2003 20:28:30     440
WebDAV:XmlIn1.Log  25.11.2003 20:29:57    3851

6 files use 7KB
++ And a typical System.Log trace is:--
{HTTP Client : PROPFIND http://webdav.ethz.ch/tutorial1.dxp}
{Connection.Receive: size, min, read, res 4096    1    1    0}
{Connection.Receive: size, min, read, res 4096    1  689    0}
{HTTP Client : HTTP/1.1  207}
{HTTP Client : <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone='yes'?>
<D:multistatus xmlns:D="DAV:">
<D:getlastmodified>Mon, 31 Mar 2003 18:00:52 GMT</D:getlastmodified>
<D:status>HTTP/1.1 200 OK</D:status>

}   <-- non ascii byte ?!

> Then your client connected and you could go on doing real work after 
> perhaps reading the documentation in the Bluebottle release of WebDAV 
> also on my homepage.

==> Desktops.OpenDoc "http://www.edgar-schwarz.de/forum/oberon"
== "Your browser does not support Frames"
==>  Drop dead !  If you write for oberon you should 'do anybrowser'.
==> execute the individual frame links
URL: "http://www.edgarschwarz.de/oberon/navi.html"
Title: Edgars Oberon Navigation
Oberon and Internet. 

*	Home
*	Oberon
*	Version-control   <-- try this
URL: "http://www.edgarschwarz.de/oberon/view.html#version-control"
Title: ES Oberon

Version Control with VCS

VCS05A.ARC (34K) VCS is a simple version control system which gives you 
funcionality similar to RCS.It's usable for text and binary files in Native 
==> try link to VCS05A.ARC
== A frame labeled: http//: ... is 'filled' with the VCS05A.ARC contents.
  Compress.Directory <arg> needs a file {can't use @ = start of select},
  But when the frame is suitably renamed and saved, the contents
  is/will be corrupted - by a header.

Various attemps to get the downloaded frame contents to a file,
uncorrupted by a header failed, eg:
EditTools.OpenAscii  Devlp:VCS05A.Arc ~  &  paste Rxed Frame
mark & EditTools.StoreAscii  * == EditTools.StoreAscii Devlp:VCS05A.Arc
Compress.Directory Devlp:VCS05A.Arc ~  == Error in archive

By comparing the file begin with good *.Arc files, using Hex.Open
Devlp:VCS05A.Arc looked OK, but possibly CR and/or LF bytes are
corrupted ?

Normally when downloading binary files a Temp.* file is 
automatically created.  eg. Temp.FTP , Temp.zip , Temp.gif ...
Oberon.Text knows about *.Arc , NOT *.ARC  ?!
So I must use linux to fetch VCS05A.ARC ?

I think some new user should write a "new user's view" of
usage from the TOP (not bottom/details-first) eg.
* WebDAV allows ....
* Projects are separated into directories ...
* Entry to a chosen directory is by: ...
* Typical opperations are:
   * <operation description1> : <corresponding command1..>
   * <operation descriptionnN> : <corresponding commandN..>

My experience (as I've repeatedly written) is that the constructor,
after many hours of intense concentrated involvement is not QUALIFIED
to write the 'new users' guide.

What happened to the fad of 70's/80's of technicians partnering with
a female writer ?

 == Chris Glur.

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