[Oberon] WebDAV on n-o: feed back

edgar at edgarschwarz.de edgar at edgarschwarz.de
Wed Nov 26 21:05:59 CET 2003

easlab at absamail.co.za wrote:
> > But finally again the question: Did you get the stuff in System.Log I showed 
> > above ?
> ++ I Guess so:
> System.Directory XmlIn*.Log\d ==
> XmlIn0.Log  26.11.2003 17:43:51     440
> ++ And a typical System.Log trace is:--
> {HTTP Client : PROPFIND http://webdav.ethz.ch/tutorial1.dxp}
> {Connection.Receive: size, min, read, res 4096    1    1    0}
> {Connection.Receive: size, min, read, res 4096    1  689    0}
> {HTTP Client : HTTP/1.1  207}
> ...
Looks good.

> ==> Desktops.OpenDoc "http://www.edgar-schwarz.de/forum/oberon"
> == "Your browser does not support Frames"
> ==>  Drop dead !  If you write for oberon you should 'do anybrowser'.
> ==> execute the individual frame links
Let's talk about that another day please. Is it simple give the individual links ?
OTHOH even Oberon has WebNavigator which should do frames.

Try to get "http://www.edgarschwarz.de/oberon/WebDAV.1.3.2.Zip"

> == A frame labeled: http//: ... is 'filled' with the VCS05A.ARC contents.
>   Compress.Directory <arg> needs a file {can't use @ = start of select},
>   But when the frame is suitably renamed and saved, the contents
>   is/will be corrupted - by a header.
> Various attemps to get the downloaded frame contents to a file,
> uncorrupted by a header failed, eg:
Old problem. Use another command to get a file and save it.
I just don't remember it just now. Something with HyperDoc.* ?
BUT you could even give WebDAV a try.
	DCT.SetHost "www.edgarschwarz.de"
	DCT.Get "/oberon/WebDAV.1.3.2.Zip" Test.Zip
I just tried it with Aos. It worked ok.
Because DCT.Get sends a normal HTTP GET a normal server also understands it.

And you also could give "http://webdav.ethz.ch/nodav/src/" a try. I did put 
the current sources and also an extended no.WebDAV.Tool there.

> I think some new user should write a "new user's view" of
> usage from the TOP (not bottom/details-first) eg.
> * WebDAV allows ....
> * Projects are separated into directories ...
> * Entry to a chosen directory is by: ...
> * Typical opperations are:
>    * <operation description1> : <corresponding command1..>
> ....
>    * <operation descriptionnN> : <corresponding commandN..>
You can write it and put it at "http://webdav.ethz.ch/temp/". 
You already have a user and password for that.

And now I have to leave for the TV !
Champions League: VfB Stuttgart - Glasgow Rangers :-)

Cheers, Edgar
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