Re (2): [Oberon] What does Char(hexA7) look like ?

shark at shark at
Fri Dec 5 01:41:04 CET 2003

Chris & John,

jd> which font in PC Native Oberon displays this?

Good question.  There can be more than one 
font used in filling a viewer; how can we 
know which font is used to make a particular
glyph?  Seems one way is to have and use an 
intimate knowledge of Texts, ET and Desktops. 
Alternatively one might browse through fonts
with the font editor until the glyph is found.
Neither of these methods is feasible for me 
at present.

Previously I said,
pe> ETH Oberon / PC Native 05.01.2003 shows the "section
sign" properly.

OK.  I should apologize for oversimplifying.
When Desktops.OpenDoc encounters § it shows 
the "section sign" glyph.  Yet when § is 
encountered it is displayed literally.  Assuming 
§ is legal syntax for HTML, this is a 
bug.  Several of the characters in Ramsch's 
table behave this way.

ET.Open is another matter.  For A7(F) it 
displays a square outline.  This is a bug 

So upgrading the system might not help in 
this case.

Regards,    Peter

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