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To be able to boot from a USB device, ...
- the USB drive must be partitioned (have a MBR) and contain an active AosFS formatted partition with AOS installed on it
- your computer must support booting from USB H.D.D.
To install Bluebottle onto the USB drive, do the same as you would install it onto an harddisk, except:
- Use the bootfile AosUSB.Bin instead of AosIDE.Bin 
- Set "BootFromUsb=1" in the config string (see Aos.Par)
>Where I can find some information about that?
Currently, there is not much information about that. See AosSetup.Text and BootLoader.Text (in for some related information.
- The USB Mass Storage driver must be loaded to access an USB drive (call AosUsbStorage.Init)
- You can use the partition tool (Menu->Tools -> Partitions) to partition the USB drive. If the USB drive has been recognized correctly, you should see it listed there.
- To partition the USB drive, select it in the Partition Tool, select the tab "Partitions" and there the Operation "WriteMBR". Uncheck "Preserve table" and go on (this will destroy anything on that USB drive!). After that, create a new partition of type 76 (Aos), activate it (Partitions.Activate) and format it as "AosFS" volume. When done this, mount the newly created volume and install Bluebottle to it the same way as you would install it to an harddisk (except the exceptions noted above)
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I have already the problem to put the AOS.ISO-File on a USB-Stick. Where I can find some information about that?
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