[Oberon] 'libraries' mangement ..etc ?

jan verhoeven jan at verhoeven272.nl
Mon Jan 16 22:15:53 CET 2006

Op Monday 16 January 2006 22:03 schreef Bob Walkden:

 > > How is this situation handled in 'proper' systems; eg. linux kernel ?
 > > In 'industry' don't they have a library catalogue, where the
 > > existing procedures are re-used ?
 > in my experience of industry, the answer is a qualified No. It depends
 > on the size of the procedure, but typically something like Char2Hex
 > would be written from scratch every time. This happens for one or more
 > of several reasons, including:
 > 1. the programmer doesn't know about the library routine and can't be
 > bothered to find out
 > 2. the programmer wants to do his own version
 > 3. the requirement is fractionally different for the new routine, so a
 > new one is written for fear of altering the old one
 > 4. noone knows what the old one does
 > 5. there is no library management
 > 6. not written here syndrome

7: It's extra time, so extra money. But issue 6 is probably most important.

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Jan Verhoeven

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