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Aubrey McIntosh Aubrey.McIntosh at
Tue Jan 17 01:21:41 CET 2006

Hi Sven,

I was upgrading a USB system that I had prepared from the July ~20 release.
I did re-format using Partitions.Format USB0#1 AosFS 1255 AosUSB.Bin ~  and I do get the booting oberon message on the screen, so I think I am ok to the point that the kernel image is loaded.

I never knew that an empty string "Init=" would put messages on the console.  That's pretty useful -- I can't really use the RS232 environment to do tracing here.
This option does work from the distributed CD image, and also from the July 20 USB boot.  I will explore it some more.

On the linking, if I put the Dec. 19 Crazy fresh release on a CD, change the Ramdisk size to 140Mb, and change the Linker parameters to build the file onto RAM: and read the binaries from CD:, the system traps in Bblinker0.Relocate.  Has anyone built AosUSB.Bin from the distributed image?

-- Aubrey McIntosh, Ph.D.

>>> staubesv at 1/16/2006 2:19 AM >>>
The USB boot file of the Bluebottle crazy fresh release 19.12.2005 is bigger than 512KB (default size of space reserved for boot file in AosFS). Be sure, that when formatting the USB drive you want to boot from, you really have enough space for it on the volume (fsRes parameter in Partitions.Format).
The Kernel will be loaded/executed before the Bluebottle USB drivers are loaded (by the BIOS USB driver), so you should see the trace messages from the kernel even if the BB USB drivers would not work (to see it, set the config strings "TraceMode=1" and "Init=").
The only thing different from a H.D.D. installation of Bluebottle:
- Use AosUSB.Bin as boot file
- Set the config string BootFromUsb=1

>Can anyone re-link the AosUSB.Bin file in the release?
You can re-link AosUSB.Bin by using Aos.Tool under Oberon. There is a section called "link bootfile".
BTW: I'm still working on the USB stack... in the current release, there are still some bugs (in particular for EHCI controllers). 
Sven Stauber

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