[Oberon] USB in NO (was Re. Username which contains the "@" char ...)

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Wed Jan 18 00:15:58 CET 2006


cg> did you get N-O to drive USB-flash-memory yet ?


N-O has UsbUhci which can operate Intel and VIA 
controllers.  Other controllers, including the 
Agere and NEC here, require Ohci which is in AOS 
but not in NO.  Considering the time I have spent 
on tiny programming issues, the size of AosUsbOhci.Mod
and the time I have available, moving Ohci to N-O 
is unrealistic.

Ref.: Google "site:wikipedia.org usb" 

CF works well in my home and work desktop machines.
Soon it can be tested in the old laptop.  The CF 
card is smaller than a USB stick and makes data 

Regards,       ... Peter

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