[Oberon] Re: Requesting sample good LNO: oberon.log

easlab at absamail.co.za easlab at absamail.co.za
Sun Jan 29 08:10:41 CET 2006

> > Please execute 'xhost localhost'

Edgar wrote:
> Did you do what it's asking you to do ?
> You could give it a try before starting LNO.

Yes I did, but it still fails and I'm not enthusiastic to research 

> I also replaced DisplayLinuxX11 by another driver like it's
> described somewhere in the documentation and executed 
> on Term #1.

>  > The LNO version ca. 1999 [previous millenium ?!] runs OK.
>  >
>  > But I don't succeed with lno020127.

Jan Verhoeven wrote:
> I run LNO 2.4 with Slackware 8.0 and I never have troubles.
Yes my oldest LNO version runs well on my oldest version Slackware.
Also Peter Matthias [LNO's author] uses Slackware AFAIK.

But since I want to view *.ps/*.pdf on the same 'desktop' with
N-O's text & diagram editing facilities; and older *.ps/*.pdf 
viewers are not good, I must use newer/problematic linux versions.

> bash-2.05$ oberon
> Oberon Boot File Loader 22.11.2004
> starting System.Init
> terminating Oberon
> bash-2.05$
>  > Perhaps I could fix it, if someone would post me an example of a
>  > succesfull oberon.log[s]; for install & run-oberon ?
> I don't have one.

OK, I forgot: every time you run, the oberon.log [originally created
at install time] is over written.

The 'combination explosion' of different hardware[S], OS, versions ..
is overwhelming.  An ealy application of A[rtificial] I[ntelligence]
was DEC's auto-configuration for clients various combinations of
hardware & software.  Related: I'm wondering where RS232,
Centronics, USB is going.  Some smart-boys try to tell me that
RS232 & Centronics died long ago and that I should only be using
USB;  which [understandably because of it's complexity] seems 
NOT yet to have arrived.

What about modems ?
A hidden [internal] modem is disasterous.
I need to see the lights.
Even by NOT disabling the sound, you get some extra intelligence
sometimes.  For me ISP-dialup is an acrobatic exercise, needing
consideration of: the time of day/week/month, weather, TV showings
...etc.    Since societies didn't solve the road-traffic problem, which
entails similar considerations, I know these smart-boys who say it
all works automatically, are bluffing. 

OTOH 'KISS' helps to navigate the chaos ?

== Chris Glur.

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