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Aubrey McIntosh Aubrey.McIntosh at
Mon Jan 30 02:31:57 CET 2006

-- Aubrey McIntosh, Ph.D.

>>> staubesv at 1/29/2006 8:10 AM >>>
>The Jan 24th Crazy Fresh release boots from a 1GB Toshiba flash memory stick.
>The release does allow re-creation of the boot file AosUsb.Bin.
>There are a few issues, but they may be due to my odd Configuration strings.
What issues? The only configuration string you need extra for USB booting is "BootFromUsb=1" which forces the USB storage driver to block until a USB storage device has been found and put into the AosDisks.registry.
Did it work with all host controller drivers linked into the kernel (AosUsbUhci, AosUsbOhci & AosUsbEhci), or have you only linked one if them into the kernel?
Sven Stauber

Well, I'll start with the release CD.

I have a HP/Compaq D530 SFF (DC578AV) computer with internal DVD/ROM, PS/2 keyboard, and Logitech USB Mouse, and LiteOn CD burner model USB SOHR-5239SX.

1.  This appears to be a dual processor machine.
2.  Frequently, it does not complete the boot process, and re-boots.  On older releases there are a lot of interrupt traps, and presumably the internal DVD/Rom and Bluebottle don't play well together.
3.  It is necessary to add the configuration string Boot6=AosUsbMouse.Install to be able to use the mouse.
4.  When the Lite-On USB burner is connected, there are some configurations that never allow the mouse to work, and some which occasionally allow the mouse to work.

Status                Mouse                   LiteOn
fail                  USBHC1/1                USBHC1/2
fail                  USBHC1/2                USBHC1/1
fail                  USBHC0/2                USBHC1/2
sporadic              USBHC0/2                USBHC1/2
sporadic              USBHC0/1                USBHC0/2

5.  When I edit the configuration strings, I have to type very quickly:  if the DVD/ROM motor stops or slows, the system will hard reboot.

6.  After the system boots, I typically open either a BB editor, or Oberon.  When I do this, the system acts as if I have pressed the meta key---if the mouse bumps the edge of the screen, it scrolls.  When I depress and release the meta key, the system returns to good behavior.

I have the results of PCITools.Scan, and the System.Log saved to USB stick, but was not going to post them unless they might be useful.

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