[Oberon] Problems with the 24/01/2006 release -probs with Startmenu.XML

W B Hacker wbh at conducive.org
Thu Feb 9 06:52:48 CET 2006

Rene Krywult wrote:

> So, where do I get a StartMenu.XML?
> Rene

Been researching that.

Google can't find anything Aos related, BUT:

- the term shows up in a number of other 'XML-driven' uses, and 
often as '..optional'.

My initial impression is that it is one of the objects that an 
XML environment is 'hard coded' to seek, as with 'default.html' 
or 'index.html' in a parallel html universe.

If so, then it might do to simply create an otherwise-empty xml 
document of that name.

- Presuming it hangs the boot process and you need it.

If all it does is put errmessages in the log, and DOES continue 
the march, then it would seem to be optional.


On my part - I have burned the ISO (on PowerBook), find Aos is 
quite happy with a K6-333, 128MB of FP mode RAM, Matrox VESA 
compatible SVGA (ex Warp Server Advanced rig).

- But the ISO seems not to contain AosInst.Tool.Bbx

I have downloaded that file separately but not certain how best 
to 'feed' it in - nor why it is missing. Could attach a second 
HDD or CD, but will Aos recognize and use it?

Or has Aos just moved to a different installation procedure that 
*is* on the ISO?

The default Coleman's  Mustard skin seems a couple cans short of 
a six-pack on menueing, and the change skin function doesn't 
respond to a two-button mouse so as to invoke a skin that DOES 
have a full UI.

Any advice?


Bill Hacker

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