[Oberon] Problems with the 24/01/2006 release -probs with Startmenu.XML

W B Hacker wbh at conducive.org
Thu Feb 9 09:42:50 CET 2006

W B Hacker wrote:

(updating his own post..)

> - But the ISO seems not to contain AosInst.Tool.Bbx

Brought the Oberon desktop up, searched, found that, executed 
it, read the instructions to do an ab initio install.

- Displays partion info / freespace (the entire disk) for a 
'blank' nominal 20GB IBM Travelstar 2.5" HDD on IDE0 when asked 
to show same.

- But does not respond to excec'ing name/flag changes or 
formatting / partitoning it. No error messages where I see them, 
no delay, no apparant response.  Will reload the 'Show..', so is 
not hanging.

Is it that the current fs cannot create the smaller partition it 
needs when the disk is too large, or ....?

This is not a WinShop, and IIRC the PowerBook won't format FAT 
on rotating media.

I *may* have DRDOS 9 or OS/2 around... do I need to partition 
with one of them first?


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