[Oberon] Problems with the 24/01/2006 release -probs with Startmenu.XML

W B Hacker wbh at conducive.org
Thu Feb 9 11:08:19 CET 2006

René A. Krywult wrote:

> OK, so I digged further into this. If I change the AosConfig.XML so that it does not start with the stijn.skin, but with, let’s say, traditional.skin, then everything is fine. But when I change to stijn, red et.al, it doesn’t work.
> It seems that every skin NOT containing the following:
> 		startMenu{
> 			plugin : "FancyStartMenu";
> 			layout0 : "stijn.skin://startmenu/layout0.XML";
> 			layout1 : "stijn.skin://startmenu/layout1.XML";
> 			layout2 : "stijn.skin://startmenu/layout2.XML";
> 			layout3 : "stijn.skin://startmenu/layout3.XML";
> 			layout4 : "stijn.skin://startmenu/layout4.XML";
> 			layout5 : "stijn.skin://startmenu/layout5.XML";
> 			layout6 : "stijn.skin://startmenu/layout6.XML";
> 			layout7 : "stijn.skin://startmenu/layout7.XML";
> 			layout8 : "stijn.skin://startmenu/layout8.XML";
> 		}
> works OK, and every skin containing it doesn’t.
> I tried to change the skins via Looks/SkinLoader, and the result was just the same.
> Rene

Can't find any XML referencedin 'traditional'.

But I have them ALL working if I start, for example, from 'xmas'.

Must be an XML issue...


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