[Oberon] Problems with the 24/01/2006 release -probs with Startmenu.XML

René A. Krywult rene.krywult at aon.at
Thu Feb 9 11:45:44 CET 2006

Are you working from the AosCD.iso image, or did you install it on HDD or USB-stick?

Did you install from the Image, or from the ZIP-Files?

I've BB installed from the zips to HDD.

When I start from the CD, I can see stijn.skin work OK; but I can't get my Logitech-USB-Mouse to working. Therefor I started with my old BB (current version) and then installed from the zips. 


>Can't find any XML referencedin 'traditional'.
>But I have them ALL working if I start, for example, from 'xmas'.
>Must be an XML issue...

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