Antwort: [Oberon] VNC- and FTP-Server for Bluebottle

Dan Parnete dan.parnete at
Thu Feb 9 12:08:07 CET 2006

Edgar Schwarz ha scritto:

>I'm working alreay for a long time with a Bluebottle VNC server on a
>machine at ETH.
>But this BB isn't from this year IIRC. At home I use the Bluebottle client.
>So I could try to access it using a foreign client.
>Also really working is a big problem. Reaction time is SLOW ! Meaning you
>can drink a coffee sometimes
>waiting for your mousepointer moving across the display.
I'm using with success VNC and FTP to control 2 remote Bluebottle 
servers, but not last version. One is 09.12.05, the other an older 20.07.05.
Using Windows RealVNC client is much faster then the Bluebottle client, 
and you have better control on the mouse pointer. Quite normal.

Dan Parnete

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