[Oberon] Re: Bluebottle + PPP

easlab easlab at absamail.co.za
Wed Feb 15 11:07:56 CET 2006

-- Daniel Keller <keller at creacare.com> wrote:

> Before I start to port the Native Oberon PPP
> Framework to Bluebottle, I want
> to make sure that no one else has done it.
> If someone has adapted (parts of) this framework to
> Bluebottle, please let
> me now (Daniel.keller at inf.ethz.ch)

>From Edgar's homepage:

 John Drake wrote:

]For Bluebottle there is a version that's working for
]me for a couple of months now. After stopping restart
]doesn't work sometimes. esaos.PPP.1.0.a.zip (63K).


Since "After stopping restart doesn't work" sounds like it
could be related to a problem which I have not yet resolved,
I'd like to know your definition of "stopping" & "restarting".

And what are the symptoms that show "restart doesn't work".

== Chris Glur.

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