[Oberon] Re: 2: Have we got email send authenticate ability ?

Roger Keller kellerog at student.ethz.ch
Wed Feb 15 19:06:39 CET 2006

> The magic is in getting the mass of users dedicated to 
> such a garbage aplication.  When I want to edit one char. of a
> previous post and re-send I can't find out how to. 
> Can any one tell how ?

menu "actions" -> "resend this message ..."
as i said, no magic. only reading.

> Starting from rfc2554.txt 's
>      Examples:
> S: 220 smtp.example.com ESMTP server ready
> C: EHLO jgm.example.com
> S: 250-smtp.example.com
> S: 504 Unrecognized authentication type.
> S: 334
> PENCeUxFREJoU0NnbmhNWitOMjNGNndAZWx3b29kLmlubm9zb2Z0LmNvbT4=
> S: 235 Authentication successful.
> where S:\C: is the server\client talking, it
> seems that the server initiates the protocol ?
> In my case I see\trace :
> "250 absamail.co.za Pleased to meet you"
>  which sounds like the equivalent of the initial "server ready"
> of the example.  But I guess it MUST be a '220' mesg ?

according to the standard it must be a 220 reply that the server sends right
after the connection was established. so i guess you're using a very crappy
smtp server ... or you could check with the mail-admin.

> here's a partial trace of what my server says:-
>  250 Sender OK
>  250 Recipient OK
>  250 Recipient OK
>  571 Remote sending only allowed with authentication!
> agora at dna.affrc.go.jp not found
> ...
> ]  SendCmd(Mail, "RCPT TO:", rcpt); Response(Mail, s);
> ]  IF s[0] # "2" THEN String(rcpt); String(" not found"); 
> The var-par 's' is the string:
> "571 Remote sending only allowed with authentication!", but
> I don't understand how the mail server would be expected to know
> that "agora at dna.affrc.go.jp" was unknown [independant or any
> send-authorisation issue].  I though that task would be handed-off
> to routing & DNS to determine ?

of course the local smtp server knows its users (or how would you explain
that e-mails are delivered at all?). apart from that it can easily find out
that it does not host any mailbox in the domain "dna.affrc.go.jp"

i suggest you do also have a look at the other smtp related rfcs, especially
rfc821 (smtp) and rfc 1891 (smtp service extensions) ...

-- roger

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