[Oberon] Bluebottle limits reached

Dan Parnete dan.parnete at fastwebnet.it
Sun Mar 5 22:35:27 CET 2006


In the last November I have arrived at a reasonable level with a 
database application framework, and few programmers have started to 
write applications with it. And we have already reached two Bluebottle 
1. The PCBT.ConstLen = 16 * 1024 (16Kb)
2. The MWMessages.MsgQSize = 128

For the ConstLen, Roger Keller has advised me to try to set a bigger 
limit, to outsource some const, or to remove some. The same module 
compiles on the 09.12.05 version or older, but no more after that, witch 
means the new bbx format is more restrictive. I could keep the servers 
on 09.12.05 version witch works fine (except an ugly FTP error when the 
FAT partition is read only), but how long?.
I have tried to build Bluebottle by myself, but I mess something. Maybe 
somebody can help me to understand the right steps and environment?
Then I moved some CONST to another module, but people using the 
framework said I'm insane because they use this constants too, and that 
means all of us have to modify, and I have rolled back.
So, I have waited the new release hopping Roger will increase this 
limit. It didn't happened.
After some days a server module without any COSNT declaration has 
reached the limit due to the huge SQL select statements it contains. I 
have solved it in some way, but this limit is definitely to low.

The message queue size, is reached on the client side, in my opinion due 
to the high number of components instantiated. The client is a BBw 
(Windows version) and I have full control on it, but the limit arrives 
from Bluebottle.

Best regards,
Dan Parnete

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