[Oberon] Bluebottle limits reached

Roger Keller kellerog at student.ethz.ch
Sun Mar 5 23:43:15 CET 2006

> After some days a server module without any COSNT declaration has 
> reached the limit due to the huge SQL select statements it 
> contains. I 
> have solved it in some way, but this limit is definitely to low.

wouldn't it be much more logical to store stuff like sql statements in any
data file outside the code? wouldn't that be much better design?

about the const section limits: the limit is coming from the compiler, not
the object file format. in fact it's the compiler that generates the const
section. there's not limit (except for the 2G limit of LONGINT) from the
object files. so the thing that's new in the compiler is, that *every*
constant that is exported is written to the const section (such that - later
- the compiler can optionally use other module's constants from their
respective const sections). on the other hand, every string you write (such
as: AosOut.String("foo");) is added to the const section, of course.

so if you do reach the 16K limit with your libs and apps with the new
release, isn't it rather likely that also with the old release you would,
sooner or later, reach this limit?


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