[Oberon] packaging a document

jan verhoeven jan at verhoeven272.nl
Mon Mar 6 00:34:34 CET 2006

Op Sunday 05 March 2006 22:51 schreef shark at gulfnet.sd64.bc.ca:

 > For a test I began with APSC459.4.doc containing
 > 702464 bytes.  openoffice was able to save this
 > as an html file and 19 image files.  Linux zip
 > compressed these into ApSc459Q320.zip of 438671
 > bytes.  A nice economy in the size of the document.
 > Mozilla Firefox might be able to open the zip
 > document but I did not succeed.  Aos appears to
 > be ahead of Linux here.

Webservers unanimously agree upon the zip format: gz
Windows or Unix webservers will display a .html.gz file as if the '.gz' was 
not there in the first place.
I made a quite detailed study about this (and the action that Google and 
others take when reaching at such a file) on my website in the section 
'gzipped html'

Met vriendelijke groeten

Jan Verhoeven

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