[Oberon] Re: USB, bloat, LNO, SCSI/IDE & etc.

easlab at absamail.co.za easlab at absamail.co.za
Tue Mar 7 04:11:33 CET 2006

easlab at absamail.co.za wrote:
> > The repository of usefull knowledge:
> Thanks :-)
> > Desktops.OpenDoc"http://www.edgar-schwarz.de/cgi-bin/moin/\
> > LinAosDevEnv"  shows Error 404 today.

Edgar  wrote:
> www.edgar-schwarz.de moved to another ISP recently.
> "http://www.edgar-schwarz.de/cgi-bin/moin/" 
> -> "http://www.edgar-schwarz.de/mm/"
> The wiki data is in Limbo atm. Other things had a higher priority at moving.
> All this is hard work :-) I installed vituals host now.
> And when moving CGI scripts it took me 2 days to find out that Apache 
> suexec was refusing to execute my scripts. 
> After I found that suexec was the culprit I had the problem solved. 
> But until I found out that ... :-(

That just confirms what I've been saying all along:
  chasing the 'smartie-pants' Wintel driven bleeding edge is mostly
  only good for spinning-wheels and going nowhere.


Got me a 'forms like' page [using N-O ver 2001].

<late edit> I just had another look at the fetched page.
It seems that you've [appropriately] only made a stubb-template,
 for others to fill-in ?
> This page does not exist yet. You can create a new empty page, or ...
Using a well-tuned N-O system is so fast, that I've lost patience to
investigate, if I don't see what I expected.  An ex-coleague [sp?] who
always has the latest Wintel, causes me to fall asleep watching him
<end late edit> 

Previously I could get your intelligent contents, even by web-by-email.
The market manipulators are increasing the layers of garbage and 
eye-candy and reducing the value-added contents.

Do other users all have hi-bandwidth, on all the time [no incremental
costs] inet access ?   I have to pay for on-line time.

Peter's recent post [which I've deleted] wrote that Aos [browser]
'could do smart stuff'.    Can it 'handle forms etc.' ?

I really want to be able to get inet data with the more 'advanced'
[eye candy] required facilities and still have N-O's text handling
capability, without having to transfer the data between an
inet machines and a N-O text handling machine.

LNO is looking promising, but the missing num-pad "*" char is a 
disaster, and again it's a painfull Dial > ppp setup/patch before I 
can hopefully fetch data.

== Chris Glur.

PS. the cost of change/'upgrade' often means losing what you
had, instead of progress.  There can be great advantages in using
mature proven technology.   Many tasks require a long time to
complete, working with a 'constant platform'.

I expect/hope google will be around for a long time ?

Here's an example of a LOW tech method of publishing-info
[vs. web page]: post it to one of the low-volume news groups,
like alt.moja.test, get the 'reference' [? presumed to be constant?]
from goog, and that becomes the URL. Presuming that goog will
last quiet some time ?  For intelligent content [vs. eye candy 
garbage] the data is even available via email  - to absorb at the
reader's leisure.

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