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Thu Mar 9 23:21:52 CET 2006


> ... [Init]. Currently it's 115, IIRC. What does the number 
say, and how do I know which numbers to try?

Thomas> noboot requires the full (long) VESA configuration strings.

Even if noboot can not use the VESA mode numbers,
knowing which modes your hardware supports might 
help.  BootMan should tell you.

>From AosInst.Tool,
"7. Bootmanager
To install the Bluebottle boot manager :
Partitions.WriteMBR dev#0 BootManMBR.Bin ~
Partitions.FileToPartition dev#0 BootManRest.Bin 1 9 ~ "

Once you find a candidate mode, you will need 
documentation or help from someone who knows 
---not me---to make the VESA string.

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