[Oberon] Re: USB, bloat, LNO, SCSI/IDE & etc.

easlab at absamail.co.za easlab at absamail.co.za
Fri Mar 10 02:38:31 CET 2006

Edgar was telling 'that's how wiki works'.
But can any of the current ETH-oberon-family  handle http > frame,
  forms ...etc., which wiki needs ?

As previously noted LNO seems to offer the ability to use all the 
advanced inet facilities which ETH can't/shouldn't chase
and catch.

I urge other linux users to try LNO - which is a lot different from
 eg. the 1999 version. 

These are the steps which got me to the current LNO:
1474560 Jan 27  2002 Oberon0.Dsk
175451 Jan 27  2002 lno020127.tgz
714 Jan 27  2002 readme.txt
As I recall minor confusion[s] should not put you off:
- the documentaion refers to an earlier version,
- the 'readme' which describes how to 'open' the file which gives
   the 'readme',  [the first time I tried ETH-oberon, I couldn't
 progress, since I had never used a scrolling window, and I needed to
 scroll-down to read how to scroll-down !]

Using successive-refinement [minimal initial investmet],
   the other recomended files are not needed, to confirm that
   your existing system can handle LNO.
The one of my 4 linux installations which runs LNO has
    /dev/fb*   devices, although LNO runs in X-mode.
Since the main justification which I'm selling for using LNO
   is to have access to the mature linux-inet facilities, it seems
   that the 'normal' X-mode is most useful ?

I like the ability to change the size [click on a minimal script would
   do it] of the LNO virtual screen, since for certain application 
    combinations it's convenient to have a virtual screen bigger than
     the physical screen, where you can pan-around.

LNO gives you easy access to the linux file-directory.
And linux gives you easy access to the FAT-file-directory.
So far the cut-and-paste from linux to LNO works for me
 but not yet from LNO to linux.

Re. accumulating LNO users 'combined wisdom',
Jan Verhoeven wrote:
> If I can help you out with some webspace, just let me know. 
> Webspace is very cheap nowadays and if I can be of help to you, I will.
> You would still need the dial up account, but you would be able to put 
> your pages online with a simple FTP client.

It's the continuity that matters. And using the lowest [commonly
 available] technology; ie. resisiting being too smart, to have a wide

I want to get a spare/safety gmail account, and would appreciate
if someone could help. I understand that I need to be 'recommended'
by an existing gmail user. 

Re. 'google is watching you', you may know that when you do
a google search, the URLs delivered include a set:
- <get the next 10 finds starting from 10>
- <get the next 10 finds starting from 20>
- <get the next 10 finds starting from 90>

And for my 3rd world facilities I often just paste these URLs
to an N-O batch-script which is emailed to [lynx-format]
fetch the pages.

Recently goog refused such requests, saying they look like a virus.
Ie. faster than a human would click, requests for
get the next 10, get the next 10, get the next 10 looks as if it's
computer [malicious virus] generated.

== Chris Glur.

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