[Oberon] Re: Can any ETH-oberon-family do this ?

easlab at absamail.co.za easlab at absamail.co.za
Fri Mar 10 11:34:21 CET 2006

cg> Which of ETH-oberon-family systems can do the following:-

> 1.  dailup ppp with pap.

Peter E. wrote:-
> ETH Oberon / PC Native 05.01.2003
> > 2.  threaded news reader.
> Don't know.  Never use a news reader.
You've missed a big part of the inet experience !
Newsgroups [a mature protocol, before the eye-candy of 
bouncing-balls started dominating the inet] is where some 
valuable info is accumulated.

In about 1999 Edgar added some extra refinements, and I've
added some to make N-O's Newsgroup facilities usable
[for me].

Desktops.OpenDoc "news:comp.os.linux.hardware at 45\n"
to get the next 45 new [which you didn't get before] headers,
were you can see if/what anybody is saying about video drivers.

After you've seen some potentially interesting headers, get
the corresponding body either by the hot-link' or next time on line 
 by eg.
Desktops.OpenDoc "nntp:comp.os.linux.hardware/<articleNumber>"

I don't see any *debian* in my list-newsgroups, but I can't believe
there aren't any, since there are eg. many *slakware*.
I've used Edgar's and my refinements for years, but for hi-volume 
groups  which 'scroll rapidly', I have to use goog to find answers to
my queries, plus news:comp.os.linux.misc users are cursing me
because my 'private patches' have made my replies non-compliant.
Ie. they don't fit in the thread mechanism.
A bit like this mailing lists': 
Re. [Oberon] Re. [Oberon] Re. [Oberon] Re. [Oberon]...<subject>
needs manual patching.

> > 3.  email, with authenticated send - at least 'LOGIN' type authentication. 
> Never tried to use "authenticated send".  

If your ISP get complaints and decides that the easiest solution is to
require "authenticated send" he may just copy what the mass of 
WinTel users have: 'LOGIN' type.

> From earlier 
> messages, you have a Linux system running.  You can  
> run your own postoffice.  PostFix works well here.
That's another reason to have linux running on the SAME box,
ie. LNO

> > 4. various  http-fetch eg. : frame, forms, ...
> Not to my knowledge.
> > htmls ...etc.
> Don't understand.  You have used Desktops.OpenDoc http://... html 
> often?
> The best arrangement I have found is to use 
> an Oberon/Aos workstation with a Debian machine 
> nearby.  VNC provides a neat access to the 
> Debian machine.  Heard that there is a VNC 
> server for MS Windows also, in case you need it.

Well yes all these patches/extentions/work-arounds help.
That's how bloat grows.
It's one thing to have extra pieces stuck-on for an emergency,
but we should strive to clean-up & simplify ?

== Chris Glur.

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