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Thu Mar 30 01:48:04 CEST 2006

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>  I would appreciate some input on what YOU would do in this situation.
> Which system do YOU think has the best chance of becoming a 
> standard. I don't want to end up going down another 
> evolutionary dead-end, like VB 6. I say that VB 6 is an 
> evolutionary dead end because of the compatibility issues 
> with VB.Net. It appears that the VB 6 family is going to die 
> out. I've tried VB.Net, briefly, and it seems less appealing than C++.

So far we have no idea of what it is you are trying to do once you have
found an operating system and development system that you like. If you can
describe what your eventual aims are we should be able to give better
advice. Some typical questions might be:

Are you developing programs for fun / educational purposes or for making
money (or, like me, both)?

If developing for money will you be working for yourself or looking to be
employed by others?

What is your target audience for the programs you develop (e.g. only you,
family, friends, general public, business etc.)

Do you want your programs to look and feel just like the ones you have
developed in VB or does it not matter?

What type of application are you planning to develop: 

  GUI, command-line?
  Desktop, server, web-based etc.? 

  Programming tool, accounting, entertainment, database etc. etc?

What platforms do you want your application to run on (e.g. Windows, Unix /
Linux, Mac, as many as possible?)

That should be enough to start with.

Chris Burrows
CFB Software

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