[Oberon] Re: Changing The System Font Size

easlab at absamail.co.za easlab at absamail.co.za
Fri Mar 31 03:32:50 CEST 2006

August Karlstrom wrote:
> This is probably a very basic question, but I haven't found an answer 
> to it, so... How do I increase the system/default font size in ETH 
> Oberon (2.4)? On a 17 inch LCD monitor with resolution 1280x1024 the 
> text is tiny indeed.

John Drake wrote:
> > One thing I noticed though.  Changing
> > the default font doesn't automagically make
> > text files already created (including tools)
> > have different fonts.

August Karlstrom wrote:
> Yes (that's why I said "worked" above). Being able to read text 
> comfortably seems like a rather basic requirement. Moreover, some labels 
> are cut off with a (slightly) larger font like Oberon14.Scn.Fnt. I 
> thought ETH Oberon was more mature than this.
> Thanks anyway,

N-O is better than "mature".
It's more free of inappropriate legacy.
You asked the wrong question.
You DON'T want to increase the size of the default font ?
You DON'T want the people to look bigger and the horses and
dogs still look too small -- and loose proportions ?

When I installed [plain vanilla] VGA, I had about 80-char wide on the
UserTrack, which is good because it's a standard -- I maintain that 
people should'nt rely on auto-wrap when posting email.

Then once I tried installing with SVGA: <big Wide> * <big High>
and of course EVERY thing was smaller.

I expect that you should be able to do a 'new install' to get a
more suitable 'magnification' without loosing your data.

If you still have problems, mention your version [John Drake's
stuff is different from mine] and I'll give you a detailed 'log' of what 
to do, if it's compatible with my version[s].

== Chris Glur.

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