[Oberon] Dynamically changing video mode ?

easlab at absamail.co.za easlab at absamail.co.za
Fri Mar 31 17:24:36 CEST 2006

When linux enters X-window mode, [depending on the installation]
it's possible by Ctrl/Alt/+ to step the display resolution.
A bit like N-O can step mouse-types to allow the user to select
a suitable type, based on observing the behaviour of the various
selected types.

It would be convenient to sometimes be able to change the N-O 
display resolution. Eg. the most standard mode [VGA 640*480 I 
guess] is good/comfortable, but some panels eg. V24.Panel and
FontEditor.Panel overflow the UserTrack and would be better
with a higher resolution.  Provided this can be acheived without

When booting [from a diskette], <leftShift> shows the startup
parameters, which can be changed.  This is eg. convenient  
to change the 'root partition'.   Obviously the video mode
displayed argument can also be changed.

Q - for trace at that stage: "<display=VGA>" is for VGA, but 
 what are the arg-strings for the other valid args ?

Configure.Tool , a tricky utility, which implements an 
'active menu' without even using Gadgets [I want to
discuss this in another thread], has a sequence of:
Config.Display <arg1> <arg2> eg:
   Config.Mode VGA 16-color
   Config.Display ATI Mach64 .

<?! the Configure.Tool self-modifying text is very tricky; the commands 
are apparently context sensitive, since they don't operate isolated 
eg. out of the Configure.Tool , eg. in this email ?!>

Since text-strings appear AS the exact same text-strings
in the *.Obj files which uses or accesses/compares them
[There's no point in hiding/encoding them]...
Q- why can't I find "Mach64" in Config.Obj,
    nor in Config.Mod  ?

I'm speculating that the leaf-nodes of the 'active menu' tree
which Configure.Tool implements, each generate an arg-string
[probably many are common] which could be manually entered
at boot time to change the video mode.

Q- is this true & are they listed somewhere ?
    Ie, what's the boot-arg string for video mode:
	Config.Mode ATI Mach64: 1280*1024*16 ?

I also speculate that the relevant *.Obj files could be replaced
at run time to change the video-mode 'dynamically' .

Q- is this viable ?

Thanks for any input.

== Chris Glur.

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