[Oberon] Mixed OS http-fetching ?

easlab at absamail.co.za easlab at absamail.co.za
Fri Apr 7 04:39:18 CEST 2006

> > Remind me, does sourceforge use frames, forms,
> > java-script ...
> > which N-O can't [yet] do ?
> > 
John M. Drake wrote:
> Native Oberon can do forms.  It's browser was 
> always capable of doing forms.
OK, to be honest, I didn't know the meaning of forms/frames.
I conciously avoid fads until they have matured to become 
standards. Yes N-O implements forms nicely - with a list gadget.

> > So what extra [wrt N-O] facilities has the
> > webbrowser 
> > of Aos/BlueBottle got ?
> Frames and formatted tables for sure.  CSS
> maybe.  (Haven't used it enough to be sure).
> And WebNavigator gives you Frames and formatted
> tables under N-O.
Well, based on your info I've now installed WebNavigator,
which provided I don't use the [Grow] button, which hangs all
UserTrak-frames until freed by a Ctrl/Break-trap, does frames
with the sample.  Except it wants the UserTrak as full VDU [with
640*480 resolution - which I've chosen], else the demo frame
'overflows'.  Ie. the demo frame doesn't resize for non-full-screen
UserTrack at 640*480 resolution.

Although WebNavigator can't handle eg. gmail, I was hoping
that I could use it on view *.htm[l] which the original N-O 
browser can't handle.  But no: it won't render my existing
*.htm[l] !!   Is this because the original N-O browser has 
transformed the downloaded source, for it's own use ?

With the required edit to Oberon.Text now
Desktops.OpenDoc "file/URL" uses WebNavigator   and
Desktops.OpenDoc ^ , uses the old system.

You don't want to lose your previously working system by
slavishly following the latest fads ?

> > Are you able to download with a full-featured
> > browser under 
> > Win-OS and use N-O/Aos/BlueBottle to manipulate the
> > text 
> > from the download by just switching between Win &
> > 'Wirthian' 
> > OS ?
> I'm not sure I understand your point.  Certainly
> I can download and save and HTML file from Firefox
> and then open it under N-O/Aos/Whatever.  

I'm talking about real-time.
Like for non-acrobats, there's a minimum speed at which you can
cycle and a minimum air-speed for an aircraft to take off.
Similarly, in order to not lose short term memory of the task,
the workflow needs immediate [less than 2 secs] switching from
the full feature browser to processing the extracted text under

== Chris Glur.

PS. with the rapid advance of technology, the smooth,
automagic, integrated approach [for dumbed down users]
which Microsoft uses, is only viable with continual latest
update chasing.

The unix view of using a set of small [non itegrated,
more flexible] tools to incrementally transform the data,
is an alternative which fits N-O's architecture well.
An example is a set if commands eg. :-
ET.Do <Use a dummy Email for UseNet postings to avoid spammers>
each calling a 1 line script eg. :-
    System.CopyFiles  Oberon.TextN => Oberon.Text ~

You might have different versions of Oberon.Text for different ISPs, 
 different email-boxes, ...other different configurations.

The nice thing is that N-O can be semi-automagic, with the 
command just eg. 'ET.Do NewsSET', but just under the surface
and very transparently the inner-guts is immediately available
for modification to cope with the inevitable change imposed on
the user.

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