[Oberon] Mixed OS http-fetching ?

John Drake jmdrake_98 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 10 17:50:52 CEST 2006

--- easlab at absamail.co.za wrote:

> > > Remind me, does sourceforge use frames, forms,
> > > java-script ...
> > > which N-O can't [yet] do ?
> > > 
> John M. Drake wrote:
> > Native Oberon can do forms.  It's browser was 
> > always capable of doing forms.
> Well, based on your info I've now installed
> WebNavigator,
> which provided I don't use the [Grow] button, which
> hangs all
> UserTrak-frames until freed by a Ctrl/Break-trap,
> does frames
> with the sample.  Except it wants the UserTrak as
> full VDU [with
> 640*480 resolution - which I've chosen], else the
> demo frame
> 'overflows'.  Ie. the demo frame doesn't resize for
> non-full-screen
> UserTrack at 640*480 resolution.

Well...yeah it's still buggy.  It started life as
a student project and I'm not sure if the student
is still at ETH.  Particularly there's a 
System.Trap when you click the Grow button.  For
some odd reason the System.Trap window doesn't
initially show correctly, so it seems like the
System Track has gone haywire.  Running Plugin
Oberon I can minimize/maximize the screeen and
it shows up.  Anyway, it's a "WITH guard failed"
trap.  It should be fixable.  I'll take a look
at it.

> Although WebNavigator can't handle eg. gmail, I was
> hoping
> that I could use it on view *.htm[l] which the
> original N-O 
> browser can't handle.  

I see the trap window that comes up when you try
to access gmail.  Not sure what's causing it, but
seems to be a bug in the scanner.  There's also
a lot of javascript on the gmail login page.

> But no: it won't render my
> existing
> *.htm[l] !!   Is this because the original N-O
> browser has 
> transformed the downloaded source, for it's own use
> ?

Most likely.  When you "Store" a Text frame it
get's saved as a Text even if it was originally
an HTML file.  If you want to save the actual
HTML you can by first doing the command:


That's found in the HTTP.Tool.  Then you'll 
store the actual HTML and WebNavigator should
be able to handle it.

> > > Are you able to download with a full-featured
> > > browser under 
> > > Win-OS and use N-O/Aos/BlueBottle to manipulate
> the
> > > text 
> > > from the download by just switching between Win
> &
> > > 'Wirthian' 
> > > OS ?
> > 
> > I'm not sure I understand your point.  Certainly
> > I can download and save and HTML file from Firefox
> > and then open it under N-O/Aos/Whatever.  
> I'm talking about real-time.
> Like for non-acrobats, there's a minimum speed at
> which you can
> cycle and a minimum air-speed for an aircraft to
> take off.
> Similarly, in order to not lose short term memory of
> the task,
> the workflow needs immediate [less than 2 secs]
> switching from
> the full feature browser to processing the extracted
> text under
> N-O.
Ah.  Well, the problem is two-fold.

1) The built in System 3 browser has been behind 
the times for a LONG time.  (i.e. weak, no make
that anemic support for formatted tables.)

2) The web has moved away from being strictly
a "document" centered system to more of a
"user interface" based system.  Take "frames"
for instance.  That's not something that 
someone typically sees is a "document".  A
frame is more of a "menu for documents".

Now, one can say "I'll stay away from 'fads'
like frames and just don't use them." 
And you can do that...as long as you're the
one making the web page.

Anyway, there might be a way to "simulate"
frames using panel gadgets.  But I don't
think there's a perfect solution.  I could
be wrong though.


John M. Drake

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