[Oberon] Re: filesystem with directories ?

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Sat Apr 29 20:20:25 CEST 2006

> Re: Burning CD and DVD
> p.provoost at rn.rabobank.nl wrote:
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> > >
> > > 4. Is there going to be a filesystem with directories (possibly a
> > > journaled file system) for Bluebottle in the forseeable future ?
> > >
> Ulrike Glavitsch wrote:
> > ...snip...
> > Unfortunately, there will not be a file system with directories (and 
> > other features) in the near future.
> > The attribute file system handed in by a master student last fall will 
> > have to be re-engineered in order to be used by the BB community.
> Is it UNFORTUNATE that there will not be a file system with directories ?
> Is it perhaps appropriate to give the theoretical background [philosophy]
> why the existing file system was chosen ?
Bernhard wrote:
] Since there is support for FatFS, do you really need another
] filesystem with directories?

] I think anybody is welcome to write an implementation
] of Ext2 or Ext3 for NO/AOS/BlueBottle ...

Yes, but there are other less flippant reasons.
It was a [good IMO] design decision ?
Not just like top posting because it's the first thing that sticks
to your fingers.
Did all the design philosophy walk out the door with Wirth ?

== Chris Glur.

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