Re (2): [Oberon] filesystem with directories ?

edgar at edgar at
Sat Apr 29 22:18:23 CEST 2006

"Bernhard Treutwein" <BdT at>:
> Since there is support for FatFS, do you really need another
> filesystem with directories?
Spurious problems with FatFS or the Oberon FAT driver are a major problem
that cost me many headaches with WebDAV and also a reason that it's not
finished yet.

So my wishlist for a new filesystem would be:
- Directories and attributes to easily support WebDAV(RFC2518), DeltaV(RFC3253)
- Accesscontrol with ACL(RFC????) => Support STANDARDS
- Filesystem = 1{partition}
- UNLIMITED filesizes by using seven bit numbers for sizes and offsets.
- dynamic clustersize by using buddy clusters like in some memory management systems.

> I think anybody is welcome to write an implementation
> of Ext2 or Ext3 for NO/AOS/BlueBottle ...
Would be nice but doesn't fulfill my wishlist :-)

BTW, I changed to WinAOS 2.5 now with my mail stuff. I use dexpot which gives me
another desktop. So with Alt-1/2 I can easily switch form XP to Bluebottle.
Concerning Linux I will wait for a Bluebottle XEN. Then I could drop XP.
Only compiling my mail extensions with PC.Compile gave problems.
After some fixes it compiled but still gives some traps deep in the system on running.
Builder.Compile OTOH is fine.

Cheers, Edgar

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