[Oberon] filesystem with directories ?

Aubrey McIntosh Aubrey.McIntosh at ridgewater.edu
Mon May 1 15:21:47 CEST 2006

Can you articulate what problem directories fix?

-- Aubrey McIntosh, Ph.D.

>>> p.provoost at rn.rabobank.nl 5/1/2006 1:36 AM >>>
Maybe I should elaborate on the reason I asked about Bluebottles
filesystem ...

The main reason for a journaled filesystem with directories is the added
reliability with respect to FAT and EXT2. Especially FAT is notorious
for its vulnerability to crashes. FAT32 is just as bad IMHO.

Reiserfs is more stable, as is EXT3, but EXT3 is quite slow.

And of course the directories are a must when the number of files
increases. In the days that Oberon fitted on a floppy disk, one
root-direcotry was fine. But now that it is about 100 MB with hundreds
of files, I think the time has come to use a more sophisticated file

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